AIRLINK GROUP was established by trained professionals in order to provide solutions for all stages
of the supply chain.

With emphasis on meeting the needs of customers and Excellency in serving, AIRLINK GROUP was created with expansion possibilities guaranteed by diversified services, with its own integrated logistics

Its first office opened in the city of Shenzhen, in the state of Guangzhou in 2019, marking important
steps towards a worldwide development

In China, AIRLINK GROUP will initially count with facilities at the main business hubs of Shenzhen, Beijing and Zhengzhou, to meet the various logistical modes with highly motivated and skilled teams available. Our carefully selected agents’ network is present in major countries of the world aiming
efficiency and best possible negotiation terms.

As important as our straight relation with clients is the loyalty towards our suppliers
It is through this tightly knit relation that we can ensure special rates for our services.




Develop long term commercial relation with clients, exceeding expectations and adding benefits to
their companies through services, promoting an environment of harmony and satisfaction to our
employees through continuous training and development and generating solid results for the group.




To be recognized as the most innovative Logistics Operator of the market and the one that provides the
best results for its clients.




Integrity of information: ensure the integrity of customers´ information, keeping them safe and reliable
Independence: ensure impartiality in treating the interests of the parties involved in our relationships.
Respect: relationships are guided by the commitment to truth and frankness. AIRLINK GROUP
respects people, the community and the Laws.
Legitimacy on the information: decisions are made with justice, based on facts and data, independently
of personal positions.
Responsibility: full responsibility for the activities performed and services provided.